And once again, the Akhilesh-led Samajwadi Government has proved that SP can never get away from Gunda Raj in their state. Recently, a celebration of a victorious moment by party members of ruling Samajwadi Party became a frightful and sad day for an eight-year old child and his family. 

In India, several states are being counted as crime areas due to sundry cases of crime. But when it comes to Uttar Pradesh, crime becomes an endless topic to talk about the state. Murders, extortion, kidnapping, drug dealing, threatening, eve teasing and many more misdeeds are the activities which are being counted among the daily happenings of the state. Now, call it as a flaw of the government or the negligence of police department in dealing with grim cases in state, the toll of crimes are growing with rapid pace.

On 8 February, while celebrating the victory of Samajwadi party candidate Nafisa in the local body polls, members of the party triggered celebratory fires in the air. Due to which, an eight-year old kid named Sami was killed. The  incident took place when, Sami was passing by Kairana area in a rickshaw, and hit during the firing by SP workers yesterday.

Few arrests have been made..

Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav tweeted that he had ordered Directorate general of Police to arrest the culprits of the incident. He also added that the arm licence of those involved in the firing must be cancelled.

It has been the regularity that every time when the crime takes place government becomes hyperactive for a day or two. But as soon as the time passes, no one thinks of taking a pain to glance towards the particular incident.

A case has been registered against five persons, including the husband of the victorious candidate Nafisa under relevant sections of the IPC, police said, efforts are being made to arrest the decamped accused.

Protest in many areas in state

Massive protest has been blown to the several areas in state like, Shamli, Lucknow etc. Furious crows of people blocked the Khatima-Panipat Highway to protest the death of the boy. Many more places are being the spots for the protests against the unacceptable and dreadful attempt of SP workers.

Since years and years, many debates and innumerable discussions happened against the crime matters of Uttar Pradesh but sadly, no strict action has been taken at the edge. Will the ruling-government of Uttar Pradesh continue with its cynic practices in state? Or, a change would be seen in any near future in state? Whatsoever can be the answer