I was just scrolling my Quora account and what I witnessed then was the question followed in the title of this post i.e.

What is it that we Indians are collectively doing wrong?”

And, here is this amazing answer what we got:

Read in its transcription below:

Indian: When Google launched?

Foreigner: It was launched on 4th Feb 2004 in California. What you guys were doing in India on 4th Feb 2004?

Indian: We were deciding whether a Dalit can marry a Bramhin or no.

Suddenly Indian guy remembered he uses twitter, then he asked, ‘When twitter launched?’

Foreigner: 21st Mar 2006. What you were doing at that time?

Indian: We were busy in our work(Hindu, Muslim thing), Muslims were trying to kill Hindus and Hindu were trying to kill Muslims, so we were little busy in this.

Indian: Whatsapp is great application, when it is launched?

Foreigner: On Feb 2010, what you were doing at that time?

Indian: We were fighting on Reservation issue, we used to call for strike, burnt cities, destroyed the shops. The first person to walk on the Moon is from US right?

Foreigner: Yes, his name is Neil Armstrong, it was on 20th July 1969. So what you guys were doing at that time?

Indian: Forget about going on moon, we not even came out of earth, we were killing girl child. So we didn’t get time to think about these things. Now dollar rate is been increased right?

Foreigner: Yes in 2014 March dollar rate went high. What you were doing at that time?

Indian: We were deciding how many Muslims will have to go Pakistan and how many will stay here. Instagram is a good application when did it launched?

Foreigner:  On June 2012. What you guys were doing at that time?

Indian: We were very busy, because we had many things to Ban. So we were busy in deciding that what to ban and what not. So US is a developed country, your country have superpower how did you manage to do this.

Foreigner: From school time only we are learning that ours is a developed country. So what did you learn in your school times?

Indian: We learnt which religion is bad and how people died in religion violence. So now who is the CEO of Google?

Foreigner: Sunder Pichai.

Indian: Oh he is from India. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

Foreigner: Satya Nadella.

Indian: Even he is from India. Who is the CEO PepsiCo ?

Foreigner: Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi

Indian: She is an Indian. Almost everyone uses cards(debit/credit) for payment in your country so who is the CEO of Mastercard?

Foreigner: Ajaypal Singh Banga. Dude tell me one thing these people are doing well here in US, they work happily, what happened to you guys in India, why you all are going in this way.

Indian: Yeah, that’s what our problem is, we are not getting what happening to us while we are staying in India. Only 3 Indians came to your country and they blew your mind they are the CEO of such a big companies, just imagine if we all stop thinking about religious discrimination and start working for growth of India then definitely India will be the far more developed country than US.

Yeah this is what we as Indians collectively doing wrong. We are concentrating on the things which are not going to fetch us anything other than problems/waste of time and resources.

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