The growth-engine of Indian economy is spurred by noted bigwigs and myriad of conglomerates. Is that it? Well, not quite.

Away from our sight, probably there are millions of small enterprises and micro-scale entrepreneurs who are improving the bandwidth of economy with their firm determination towards their goal.

High hopes and strong determination, willful efforts and firm dreams, this perfect amalgamation of qualities can help anyone achieve what they want in life. Dreams of an individual can turn into the reality only when the thoughts and trials are resolute and persistent no matter what.

Our country’s economy is said to be perpetuated by the enormous entrepreneurs and big industrialists. If we glance at the nation’s ability, there are countless successful self-made entrepreneurs, who despite of their great work are not much-known to nation. These milestone achievers, in some way or the other are setting-up an inspiration for the aspiring young generation to do something of your own. Their robust thoughts have given them a young lively way to live their lives with utmost respect and honour.

These unsung entrepreneurs are not just providing employment to the innumerable deserving people, but are also staking a major contribution in building the strong economical pillars of the country.

Meet Dinesh- a house help who went to open his own martial-arts school

Dinesh- a house help who went to open his own martial arts school in Bengaluru.
Dinesh- a house help who went to open his own martial arts school in Bengaluru.

One of these budding entrepreneurs of our nation is Dinesh, a nepali-gorkha who used to work as a homecook, and now holds a martial arts school in Bengaluru, training students of all walks of life, as chief instructor.

Dinesh, a name which is a perfect example of unyielding determination has made all his efforts to achieve his ever-living dream. Dinesh used to work as a cook for one of the families of India. His dream was to be a martial arts and taekwondo trainer. Despite all household work, Dinesh was disciplined in his schedule to go for his training on all seven days a week, 5 p.m sharp in evening and return at 7 pm.

Life of a cook to a budding entrepreneur

Dinesh, being the strong determinant person never used to miss his training classes. Whether it is his injuries or his tight work-schedule, nothing could obstruct his iron will and firm determination of learning martial arts and Taekwondo. This ever-smiling and 24-hour active kid has something about him which impresses everyone and make people love him even more. He used to complete every work of house and also maintain his training record on time. No matter he had returned beaten black and blue from the practice-ring, sweating, drenched with wet clothes, he will go head straight for his shower and be ready with perfect evening meals to serve with the same vibrant energy every day.

And one when he returned to the same house where he worked..

After few years passed and life resumed without Dinesh at his work-place, where he used to work. But then, one day, the Nepali gorkha entered the same house with a bouquet in his hand, flashing big smile on his face, with large-frame displaying certificate proclaiming that he had proficiency in Taekwondo. Dinesh was awarded with one of the black belts of honour and now, he has set-up his own martial arts school in two premises building in the Garden city of India, Bengaluru. Innumerable learners, employees of MNC’s like IBM, Toyota etc. addresses him as ‘SIR’, regardless of their top-designations in their job-fields.

Seemingly, like Dinesh there are many more unsung budding entrepreneurs who are working day and night no matter where they belong to and what they’re doing currently, but the passion and their firm determination yields their way out. As an adage says, “Hard work always pays, You only need a determination to move ahead.”