Uttarakhand goes back to Prez rule: Here are the 10 quick developments!
Dehradun: Uttrakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat addressing a press conference in Dehradun on Monday. PTI Photo (PTI3_21_2016_000247B) *** Local Caption ***

The politics in Uttarakhand is getting complexed and murkier day by day since the 10 ministers of state-Congress had left the party. Supreme Court’s decision today has revoked the decision of Utttarakhand High Court saying that Harish Rawat of the Congress cannot function as Chief Minister of the hill state. While just yesterday the Uttarakhand High Court cancelled the President’s rule, which was introduced by the Centre last month.

Take a look on the 10 key developments here:

  • After 24-hours, the President’s rule has been re-imposed on Uttarakhand state by Supreme Court today’s morning.
  • This states, Mr. Rawat who called a cabinet meeting last night and reported this morning that “11 new decisions were taken” is back to being the Former Chief Minister of India.
  • “Yesterday I was reinstated by high court, before that I was dismissed chief minister, now I am a former chief minister. It is an interim order,” Mr Rawat said.
  • The Centre has guaranteed that it will not withdraw Prez rule from the state until the top court makes a affirmative decision on the situation of state.
  • That move closes off the option of BJP being welcomed to form the government, a likelihood the Congress has sought protection from.
  • President’s rule places state under the administration of the Centre through the Governor.
  • The Uttarakhand High Court and Congress and Mr. Rawat say that President’s rule is being misused by the BJP-led Centre government to get rid of an elected government of the state.
  • While on the other hand, the Centre says that Mr. Rawat heads a minority government and cannot remain in office.
  • As in evidence, Centre claims that last month when Mr. Rawat presented the state’s budget, nine Congressmen voted against it.
  • The Centre produced Prez rule from state a day before Mr. Rawat was to take a trust vote in March. The timing of the Centre’s move and its motives have been labeled suspect by judges of Uttarakhand High Court.