Over 100 people are declared dead and 350 injured during the massive fire which broke out during a fireworks display in Puttinglam temple around 3:30 a.m Sunday in Kollam. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and other leaders will be arriving to visit the site.

At least 102 people have died and 280 are injured in a fire broke out in Puttingam temple in Kollam.
At least 102 people have died and 280 are injured in a fire broke out in Puttingam temple in Kollam.

The fire broke out when a spark from the fireworks show ignited a separate batch of fireworks that were being stored at the Puttingal temple complex in Paravoor village, a few hours distance from Thiruvanthanpuram.

PM has talked to CM Oomen Chandy and will be reaching directly on the site with the team of specialised doctors of burn injuries. Here is a tweet of PM:

The Prime Minister has announced Rs, two-lakh each as compensation to the next of the kin of dead and Rs. 50,000 to the injured.

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06:00 A.M:

Rahul Gandhi reaches to Puttingal temple and inspects the site.

05:29 A.M:

05:19 P.M:

The Prime Minster visited the Kollam district hospital to see the injured people.

04:40 P.M:

RSS described today’s incident as “highly shocking and painful” in a joint statement released by him.

02:56 P.M:

Death toll mounts to 107 as per The Indian Express.

12:06 P.M

Four IAF helicopters have reached and are ready for the task. 2 AN32 aircraft will take two NDRF teams from Arokkanam.

11:53 A.M

Kerela CM oomen Chandy just confirmed that the death toll has risen to 102 while the figures of injured have gone up to 280.

11:32 A.M : Modi leaves for Kollam.

11:15 A.M

Kerela government has ordered a probe into the incident. Some television channels have reported that District Magistrate did not give permission to temple authorities for fireworks. CNN IBN has also reported that Comeptitive fireworks was also display was also stayed after complaints from local authorities.

News Minute has accessed the Kollam ADM report which shows that the temple had been denied fireworks for the competitive fireworks “in which two temple priests attempt to outdo each other with the kind of fireworks they have in their kitty.”

11:05 A.M

Kerela CM Oomen Chandy has reached Kollam and PM Modi will be reaching directly on site along with the team of doctors of burn injuries.

10:44 A.M:

INS Kabra and INS Kalpeni with the flock of medical stores being sailed to Kollam shortly, INS Sunayana also being send a little while later.

10:30 A.M:

PM Modi has asked for the Naval and Air Force to assist in rescue and relief operations.

10:15 A.M:

Case registered against temple authorities.

09:40 A.M:

Death toll has crossed 100-mark from a fire that swept through a temple in India’s southern Kerela state.

09:00 A.M:

District collector denied permission for fireworks.

08:45 A.M:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh have expressed their condolences to the deceased and said that the Centre will surely assist the Kerela government in any possible way.

07:55 A.M:

86 people died in a fire broke out in Puttingal temple in Kollam, Kerela.

06:45 A.M:

At least 67 people are feared killed and 200 injured in the fire. Reports said many are still trapped under the debris.

03:50 A.M:

Massive fire breaks out in Puttingal temple in Kollam.