Death of 26-year old research scholar evokes major protest at IIT-Kanpur

Major protests have erupted at IIT-Kanpur campus following the sudden death of a 26-year old research scholar Alok Kumar Pandey, who died an unnatural death of cardiac arrest on Monday due to the sheer medical negligence as per students’ allegations in campus.

The roads have been blocked and the entire academic area gate is flocked with students sitting and protesting against the doctors of the institute’s health care centre at IIT-Kanpur campus. Alok Kumar Pandey, a Phd. research scholar in the Material Science Programme reported to HC with ‘neck and chest pain’ issue around 2:15 p.m. He was then administered an injection for relieving pain in institute’s health care centre following an ECG which clearly stated the severe case of heart attack. Alok was immediately taken to the cardiology institute and declared brought dead there. In an e-mail sent by the President of IIT-Kanpur Students’ Gymkhana, states that the condition of Mr. Pandey started deteriorating within 10 minutes of his visit to HC while as students claimed that patient was fine until an injection was administered, which resulted then to ‘other anomalies’, as per IIT-Kanpur’s Students’ Newspaper, Vox Populi.

Death of 26-year old research scholar evokes major protest at IIT-Kanpur

The varsity’s director Indranil Manna has ordered a fact-finding committee on Monday to probe the case, which has no member of IIT-Kanpur. The team includes Former Director of Laxmipatil Singhania Institute of Cardiology, Dr. S.S Singhal who will also be heading the panel, Former head of the department Dr. Mohammad Ahmed and former principal of GSVM Medical college of Dr. Rakesh Chandra, as per reports of IIT-Kanpur’s Students’ newspaper, Vox Populi.

The numbers of Protestants are increasing as more than 500 students have joined the protest which is still ongoing in campus, asking the institute to accept three demands without any negotiations, which are:

  1. Institute should file the FIR against the doctor responsible.
  2. Institute should immediately suspend the doctor responsible.
  3. Proper financial assistance to be provided to victim’s family for the legal procedures to be followed up.

This is not the first time when institute’s health centre is in the middle of the controversy as per a student of Computers branch, fourth year, Shruti. “This is not just about one case there has been two-three cases which has happened likewise, Mr. Aftab Alam, Computer Engineer at Institute’s Computer Science centre died a sudden death on last October and a ‘sudden heart stroke was mentioned as the reason’.”