Paris Terror: A terrorist group drops several bombs simultaneously all over a country, shoots people all around, shouts in public that this is the repercussion of a bad decision taken by the head of the country and kills thousands of innocent lives all over the vicinity just for some shitty reasons. A real question to them, what role had those innocent lives to play in the decision of some group of people?You say, the head of the country took some random shit in their hands so you killed 1000s of people. Were those people really involved with what you thought was offensive to you and your community? Did killing of those innocent citizens help you out in anyway?

ISIS beyond the lines of barbarism: Read in this great say of a LSRR girl on Paris Terror shared with us.
Army officials deployed during the terror seige.

You have problems with the supreme power of the country, kill the supreme power, why punish the people whose families are still thinking about the offense they have committed, for which their family members were punished with death. Not just this, the other nation goes and bombards the nation to which the terrorist group belongs. Is this the humanity we talk about? Is this really a matter of joke where you try to resolve conflicts through seeking vengeance? Yes, Mahatma Gandhi was right, an eye for an eye has really made the world blind, “blind to mercy, blind to humanity, blind to bonds, blind to relations and blind to love and affection”. It is hurting!  Yes, my heart throbs while watching this happening all over the world. Is this the motive for which we were sent to this Earth- to protect our religion, caste, community, nation at the cost of ‘others’ lives’?

ISIS beyond the lines of barbarism: Read in this great say of a LSRR girl on Paris Terror shared with us.
Midnight terror attack shooked whole France,

I was mistaken as I thought we were sent here to make the world beautiful, together. Now I realize, the world is a bizarre. They talk about Geeta, Quran and Bible, do they really know about its essence? I doubt! And above all, when the terrorism is associated with the religion; what sense does it make?  We were never created by religion, so what right do we possess to associate religion with terrorism or humanity? Terrorism has no religion and nor does Humanity. When we see, NGOs working for society, do we ever connect the NGO to its religion? So why do we need to do the same with terrorism. I am surprised to see the position where this world stands today where people have forgotten everything except “Themselves”. If this goes on, undoubtedly “today’s moderates will turn into tomorrow’s extremists” and the world will come to an end, a catastrophic doomsday!!!

ISIS beyond the lines of barbarism: Read in this great say of a LSRR girl on Paris Terror shared with us.

I cannot pray for humanity which is lost, but I can pray for the revival of the lost conscience of those inhumane people. I won’t just pray for Paris but I’ll pray for the entire group of nations out there who were terrorized and are still recovering from the trauma of coward attitude of cruel people existing on this Earth…


Author- Akansha Singh,LSRR hons., New Delhi