“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill.

How a refugee's son from small town became the Deloitte Global's CEO?
Deloitte Global’s CEO- Punit Renjen.

The above written words aptly describe the journey of Delottie CEO, who is presently counted as one of the most influential and successful business leaders in the world. Punit Renjen hails from the small city of Haryana, Rohtak, and now holds the most eminent position in world’s topmost auditing and consulting services company Deloitte.

A Rohtak boy,who was too young to work in his father’s factory to compensate his living, became an inspiration to all the young lot after facing rise and falls of his life.

“Nothing is impossible in this world to achieve, all you need is a fire or that kick which will ultimately drive you towards your dreams”

Small town and big ambitions

Let’s venture the journey of Punit Renjen from Haryana’s small town to Deloitte Global’s CEO

In an interview with South China Morning Post Punit Renjen said that, “Asia is a home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. My background and my cultivation will help me to lead the team to develop this region”. 

Renjen’s name got included in one of the consulting magazine’s “Top 25 most influential consultants” in 2007. 

Punit Renjen’s life and career has seen many ups and downs. From getting admission to a private school and to becoming a worker in his father’s factory because of then family’s financial condition, Renjen has made its way into the thumping markets through his persistent determination and hard work.

Renjen said, “It’s a very simple formal hard work, plus luck, plus mentorship. If you get those three things and love what you do, or teach yourself to love what you do, then I think you will be successful.”

Renjen simply believed that he made the best of the opportunities which life has thrown to him and capitalized it to a great extent with hard work.

“Malcolm Gladwell says that of you take 10,000 hours you can get good at anything. I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours perfecting my craft. I’m really good at it and I’m really good at it because I’ve put in the time”.

He was merely 14, when he had to leave his boarding school because of his father’s business collapse.

“I went to work in my father’s factory. I would go to school in the morning, and come back and then put in my time as a dye operator for many, many years. At a very young age I got to experience hardships, real hardship, where I had to go work. They would cut our electricity and our telephones”.

His hard times of life couldn’t stopped him to pursue and he did what he actually wanted to do. He completed his primary education at local schools.

When he landed his first job at Delhi’s sewing machine makers

Journeyed in a local train wearing skinny jeans without a tie, Renjen happened to find his very first job at Usha International, the makers of sewing machines and home appliances. Every other applicant wore a formal suit and despite being without formals in her dressed up look, Renjen cracked the interview and got his first job of life with his utmost honesty.

Journey from Rotak to America’s leading company’s CEO

Again in 1984, his destiny looked up to him when he won the Rotary Foundation scholarship and went to Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management in the U.S

As Renjen had never travelled to outside India, travelling alone in an air-plane was a big thing for him. There also he used to sit in the front row of the class so that he may listen each lecture carefully and record them, which eventually helps him to understand every word as he wasn’t so familiar to American accent.

And yet again, one of his life biggest event occurred when he has been chosen among the 10 best students of his school by a magazine which featured him in it.

He has been called up by an assistant of a Deloitte’s partner when he saw him on the page of that magazine.

And in the end we all know, actually not ony Rohtak, Delhi or India but the whole world knows Punit Renjen as one of the big-wig name of Deloitte.

Renjen’s remarkable journey is an inspiration to the youth of the country who somewhere down the line are deprived of basic needs or comforts but still aiming to dream high in their career.

(With inputs of article in Quartz.)