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When you attend your first Press Conference of life as an aspiring journalism student and the person sitting in front of you to answer questions is Akshay Kumar, then all what one could get in stomach are butterflies. I and one of my junior friends was almost the same when we saw him for very first time from about 2 metres away, yet we were too curious to ask questions to him, a rare opportunity one gets at this level, indeed!

Akshay has been one of the most talented and intellectual superstars in Bollywood, who has been very compassionate on each and every platform of work, whether a film or a show like ‘Khatro Ke Khiladi’. Being 25 years in this industry has surely fuelled him from inside as he looks so cool and dynamic every time that one wonders where this energy actually comes from in him. Yes, I am talking about the most loved international and national “Khiladi” who made his presence in Kanpur recently for the promotion of his upcoming film “Rustom”, based on the life of an Indian naval officer and his wife.

With black jacket on top and black boots down on his feet, Akshay was looking so fit and charming with two of his co stars beside him Ileana D’cruze and Esha Gupta the moment he entered the conference hall.

Take a quick look of the chit-chat we had with team ‘Rustom’ in PC:

Q.1 We’ve heard that ‘Rustom’ is completely based on K.M Nanavati case. Is that true?

Ans. It’s not completely based on one K.M Nanavati case; in fact, it’s based on too many cases likewise. The director of film has taken a lot of incidents of different case stories like these.

Q.2 How did you prepare yourself for the Parsi character you’re playing as the lead role in film. Was it in anyway difficult for you to play a Parsi –naval-officer?

Ans. This character was so special for me and it was absolutely thrilling to play it on-screen as it portrays a character of husband, who has nothing but love and patriotism in his heart. He loves his wife so much, but a crime is a crime. Then, there is another woman in the film who is the victim’s sister, which Esha is playing, who stands for his brother’s death and fight legally in the film.

For preparation, there was only one naval officer who guided me through out, how to wear badges, uniform and everything. I didn’t specially sit down and read about navy rules or interact with naval officers. Also, I took help from my secretary-manager who is Parsi, copied her father’s moustache, she must be there around in hall..hahaha..I truly enjoyed playing this Parsi naval officer’s lead role.

Q.3 Generally, we’ve seen a very less of Parsi lead characters in Bollywood films. All what we have seen yet is Parsis doing comedy roles or some short supporting roles in films. How do you see playing yourself as a Parsi lead role in film?

Ans. I have a special affection towards Parsis. They’re the very intellectual beings; I love their respect for religion and cultural values which they endear very honestly. They value little things related to environment and society like no other person, like they consider wasting water as a big sin in their ideology, which is indeed very right. Moreover, Parsis have always been renowned in many great inventions and discoveries as well. I am myself surrounded by many Parsis, my secretary, my friends, even our gynaecologist are Parsis. It was a very special character to play for me.

Q.4 Whether it’s an award night or comedy show or anywhere on-screen or off-screen, we’ve always seen you energetic and enthusiastic. What is your real source of energy?

Ans. Cheques. (laughs loudly) Journalist: that’s indeed an honest answer.Akshay: That is!

Q.11 Akshay, which role you’ve enjoyed the most in your acting career until now?

Ans. Bhool-Bhulaiya’s role. It has been extremely enjoyable to play that role. I loved that part playing on-screen. I consider that role as one best role in life ever.

Q.5 You’ve been a versatile actor in your 25 years of acting career in industry. Is there any role you’re waiting for or aspires to do?

Ans. I still think I’ve not done enough. And, I would love to play a role of psycho once. I aspire to do slapstick comedy anytime further in life which Charlie Chaplin used to do; it’s a very interesting yet difficult genre of comedy to play on-screen.

Q.6 Ileana and Esha, Akshay is a big prankster as everyone knows. So did he crack any prank with both of you during the time of shooting?

Ans. No, not much, we were saved this time. Fortunately.

‘I would love to play a role of psycho once on-screen’, says Akshay Kumar on sharing his thoughts as what role he aspires to do.

Q.7 Ileana would you like to tell about your role in film?

Ans. Yes, I play a character of a naval officer’s wife who falls in love with other person despite having a loving husband. She is the reason why Rustom gets into this mess. There is so much negativity thrown towards her, and yet she has to deal with that and come out looking positive; so it was very tricky for me. It was an emotional struggle for me as well, because I really wanted to come across as this wife who is so messed up but genuinely wants to make amends with her husband.

I think it’s an outstanding story. I am super excited. I was also very nervous about doing it since I wasn’t sure whether I will be able to carry off the role of Cynthia Pavri, the way the film’s director (Tinu Suresh Desai) and Neeraj saw it. I hope I have done justice. The film is very close to my heart.

Q. 8 Esha you were a law student earlier. What really fascinated you in acting and Bollywood?

Ans. Yes, I was first a mass communication student and then I got scholarship and studied law in abroad. There is one very interesting rule in foreign universities which I took advantage of that you can be on break for 1 or 2 years and then continue study. I took a break from law and I am still on that break. I got offers for modelling and then I got an offer for acting and now I am here.

Q.9 How was it the working together of all of you for ‘Rustom’?

Ans. Ileana: It was very smooth and memorable. In fact, on our last day at shoot, I was literally in tears and said, that’s it film is over? It was so enjoyable working with both of them and the whole team of ‘Rustom’ that time looked short. This film is very special for all of us.

Q.10 Which is that one special scene of ‘Rustom’ that you three consider the most memorable one?

Ans. We guess the courtroom scene which we shot for 8 consecutive days. You’ll see in the movie soon.