Atif Inayat Khan - ATLead
Atif Inayat Khan – ATLead

At an age, when students generally run after MNCs or to abroad for jobs, a final year engineering student ‘Atif Inayat Khan’ turns his dream into reality by creating his own venture. Read in about a start-up venture with the great thought of plunging drone manufacturing in India.

What is AT-Lead?

AT-Lead is a teaching and a drone manufacturing company that enforces the ideas that knowledge is your power and technology is your weapon. In this era of start-ups, AT-Lead is yet another seed planted by Mr. Atif Inayat Khan, final year student of Computer Science Engineering, NIIT University. Like every other person, he always had a dream of doing something of his own. With lots of failures in the starting due to financial situation, he finally started this company six months ago from his own house in New Delhi.

Revolutionary Idea

In India, we don’t have drone sector and that is why AT-Lead brings novelty in the aviation department of India. AT-Lead is one of its kind.

  • They emphasize on the use of drones in our day-to-day activities.
  • They have 7-8 types of drones with many fresh features.
  • It is the first recognized drone manufacturing and teaching company.
  • They offer drones not only for your entertainment purpose, but also to do many of your jobs.

They deliver knowledge on many of the hot topics of the technical world like Android Programming, Quadcopter, Quadcopter Designing and many more. These workshops will be taken by qualified and technical experts of their fields.

Stairway to Success

Like other successful start-ups, AT-Lead also had to face many denials in the market. But they kept on knocking on doors of their clients and didn’t lose their optimism. They started with small contracts, but currently they are dealing with few domestic but many International firms for drones manufacturing. They have already started expanding themselves through overseas clients and now they are entering the teaching sector by organizing workshops and seminars at colleges and schools.

The company is now advertising itself as they had a strict non-advertising policy till they achieve something of their dream. The founder is meeting with some of the renowned start-up’s owners in order to capture Indian Market. They are now promoting themselves on many levels and it has been observed that people are showing great interest in their motto. You can contact them through their website or through their Facebook or Twitter page.

We wish them all the best in all their future endeavors.