The bunch of ten soldiers, hit by the Siachen avalanche laid their lives in the line of duty on Wednesday Feb 3. While among them, one of the soldier found alive by the Indian rescue team buried under the 26,000 feet Lance Naik Hanumanthappa, breathed last fighting for his life in Delhi’s Army Research and Referral Hospital.

The ministry’s spokesperson of Jammu of Defence issued a statement saying, “It is a tragic event and we salute who braved all challenges to guard our frontiers and made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty”. This event has raised many questions. Siachen is the most tough place to survive.

The nine other soldiers who declared dead and met an unfortunate dead are subedar. Sepoy Mahesha PN, Sepoy Mustaq Ahmed S, Sepoy Ganeshan, Sepoy Rama Moorthy, Havildar Elumalai, Nagesha TT, Lance Havildar S Kumar, Lance Naik abd sepoy Nursing assistant Suryavanshi SV. Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed his tribute to the soldiers by tweeting, “Demise of soldiers in Siachen is very tragic. I salute the brave soldiers who gave their lives to the nation. Condolences to their families.

Nine soldiers lost heir lives in Siachen.
Nine soldiers who lost their lives in Siachen border on Wednesday Feb 3.

Should the Siachen border be demilitarised with the consent of both the nations?

Siachen has been one of the precarious locations for India ever since the Kargil war conflict among India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen glacier region in Kashmir. As a result of which, one of the best Indian Army soldiers are always being deployed on the LOC (Line of Control). Although in the history it wasn’t an issue till the Kargil War, when Indians were living at bottom attacked by the army of pakistan from the top, since then the top region was occupied by Indians in order to claim that region of them only.

The present unfortunate incident is not the first one in the history before it in April 2012, in the Gaytri sector, 129 soldiers of the 6th Northern Light infantry of the Pakistani Military and 11 civilian contractors were got buried in the same way wherein the several Indian soldiers lost their lives. Although, the efforts for demilitarising the Himalayan glaciers have always initiated by both the countries, but a lack of political will from both the sides have led soldiers continue their selfless work in the freezing temperature of around -50 degree celsius in Siachen.