For Females: Have you ever climbed up a wooden tower in a sari? For males: Its a challange if you could do any better than Purnima Burman.


Boundaries and traditional norms are for those who believe in conservative rituals of society but there are many people who have the courage to extend steps beyond the line.

We often discuss much more about real hard-hitting ‘start-up’ stories in this section about people who stood firmly in their odd times and turned their life around, but let’s take a glimpse on a story of nature-lover from the Tea City of India, Assam.

An Assamese birdie- “Purnima Burman”

Meet an Assamese ‘lady Wordsworth’, Purnima Devi Burman, who broke all the stereotypical peripheries in order to preserve her love for birds and nature.

Purnima, hails from rural Assam, is a very exotic and exquisite woman from her heart who loves birds to the core. If one would meet her, will find her sweet and a tradional homely woman, but wait! Her brave face is yet to be unveiled from a fact that Purnima can climb up a tree even wearing a traditional saree.

Her incredible idea of “Conservation of Birds”

Born in a village on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam. Her lonely childhood was the reason of her love for nature. On recalling those days Purnima said, ” I remember during my childhood, I would see king vultures and Adjutant storks feeding on carcasses of cows in the paddy field. My grandma, with her little local knowledge, answered lots of my troubling queries often telling me that those are Bortokola, Sagun, Samukkhola calling them by their local names. This was just my memory, but I never thought that I would be working on this species”. She realised her role to work for the nature while continuing her masters in Zoology. She then started her work in the village of Dadra and Pacharia, Kamrup district of Assam, which is just 15 km from the capital Guwahati.

Purnima’s idea of conserving birds, is now being welcomed by her village people who once were against of it. Purnima is recognised as a global face now, who has won many accolades to save the beautiful creature of nature.

If we look in the ancient era of our country, it’s a mythology that from the starting day of Navratri which falls on the month of Chaitrya (Shuklapaksh Pratipada), birds are worshipped and so people provide them food and water. This is one of the way to celebrate this festival. India is a country which has all the beauty inherent inside of every ritual, and this act is practiced by people to conserve birds.

She has been appreciated for her work many a times. Her ultimate focus is to save the Greater Adjutant Stork which is called in the local language of Assam as ‘Hargilla’.

Hargilla has a bared head and a distinctive neck pauch. She is considered to be a very weird-looking bird though and so because of its odd looks, this Greater Adjutant Stork was never been welcomed by communities of Assam.

This Assam girl says she forgets all her problems sitting quietly, making her notes, watching them against a fiery sunset. Here’s wishing this Stork Lady more wind beneath her wings.